Don’t press the “snooze button” on night-time teeth grinding, Your guide to bruxism troubles and treatment

Grin and bear teeth grinding no more! Your friendly and skilled partners in oral health at Summit Dental Group in Boise, Idaho, offer easy-to-wear and easy-to-maintain oral appliances for bruxism. This condition is associated with numerous dental and quality-of-life complications. So, night guards provide much-needed and affordable relief from the potential damage caused by nocturnal teeth grinding.

Don’t sleep on bruxism

This semi-voluntary or involuntary grinding, gnashing, and clenching is often first noticed by dentists like our own Drs Mooney, Studebaker, Ritchie, and Richardson. They may notice telltale signs of bruxism during dental check-ups and when examining the teeth and other oral structures. It’s estimated that those who brux exert some 200 to 300 pounds of pressure on their teeth! These forces show up as damage not limited to the following:

Doctor with Happy Patient
  • Loss of dental tissues
  • Thin enamel 
  • Exposed dentin 
  • Heightened tooth sensitivity 
  • Overly polished or smooth-looking teeth 
  • Wear and tear; for instance, shortened and flattened teeth 
  • Chips, fractures, and breakage 
  • Gum recession 
  • Loss of bony tissue
  • Loose or shifting teeth

These conditions may lead to the need for restorative dental treatments, such as the placement of fillings, dental inlays, or partial or full crowns. These effects are not limited to the teeth, gums, and supportive bone. TMJ Dysfunction and bruxism are associated conditions. Chronically grinding the teeth can further stress the jaw joints and muscles. The result is habitual facial, jaw, back, and neck pain, as well as chronic migraines, jaw stiffness, and locking, and other chronic symptoms that interfere with your quality of life.

Wake up to sweet relief

Night guards represent a type of “oral appliance therapy.” They resemble a retainer, aligner, or whitening tray, designed to conform to your mouth. Since they fit so well and are so lightweight, many of our patients have no problems adjusting to sleeping with them. The durable yet lightweight material acts as a buffer when you bite down. Your teeth and other tissues are protected from the full forces generated when bruxing. Those with TMJ symptoms may also notice an improvement in the severity and frequency of conditions like migraines.

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