The versatility of treatment with dental crowns… to resolve damage and restore and replace teeth

We at Summit Dental Group in Boise, Idaho, offer an array of restorative dentistry services. These services are comfortable, convenient, efficient, and precise. They get you out of pain, back to your active schedule, and preserve even the most traumatized teeth – no extractions necessary! Our dentists, Drs Mooney, Studebaker, Ritchie and Richardson, have many tools to repair and replace broken, deteriorated, or lost tooth structures. But you would be hard-pressed to find a more versatile dental treatment than crowns.

Dummy Crown and Dental Tools

Dental crowns are also called “caps.” Indeed, they “cap” or “crown” a tooth by fitting on top of the remaining, healthy natural tooth structure. Once placed on top of the tooth, the crown provides strength. It prevents future damage. Furthermore, crowns preceded by root canal therapy may be the only way to preserve those teeth that have sustained deep damage to the innermost pulp tissue.

There are crowns made from ceramics, such as porcelain, or metals like gold. There are even crowns made from a blend of metals and non-metals; for instance, a metal core may be surrounded by esthetic porcelain. This combination provides both strength and a cosmetically appealing solution. Some alternatives are better suited for back teeth that bear the brunt of chewing and grinding down food. Likewise, cosmetics may be a priority for patients with damaged front teeth.

The process primarily involves removing damaged tissue from the tooth to be crowned. Once the tooth has been cleaned and reshaped, we gather information about it to make the permanent crown. We will place a temporary crown to protect the cleaned and “prepared” tooth while the permanent one is being made.

After the permanent crown is made, we’ll remove the temporary one. We then check the fit and appearance of the permanent crown before securing it to the tooth. With excellent home and professional care, your crowned tooth should last for years. As noted, crowns may be used to preserve badly damaged teeth and avoid the need for tooth extraction. Additionally, as a versatile option, they may replace teeth post-extraction. Crowns make up portions of dental bridges, as well as dental implants.

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