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Summit accepts all insurance. We are premiere providers with Delta Dental and PPO providers with Blue Cross of Idaho.


Finance arrangements and options are available, but please call the office before your appointment to discuss your situation.


An insurance company may consider your need for this procedure a pre-existing condition and so may not cover it, even if your plan says it will. Instead there are several things you can do:

  1. Look into a Care Credit card. These are short-term credit cards designed for medical expenses. Many of them offer promotional deals where you can avoid any interest if you pay off the amount within the promotional period (anywhere from six months to two years). You can also look into any credit card promotional, not just Care Credit, that offers no interest for the first year.
  2. Take out a small loan from a local bank. You can usually find good rates and conditions with a small local bank if you don’t want to get a credit card.
  3. Pay in increments before the procedure. We know several patients who began paying for their procedure months ahead of time as a sort of down payment. That way, patients do not have to pay any interest but can still pay for the procedure in increments. While you do have to wait longer for the procedure as you build up your account, you don’t incur any debt.

This rate depends on the insurance company and the cavity. Cavities vary from one to four surfaces, with more surfaces meaning a larger cavity. The price of a cavity will depend on these things.


Almost every PPO insurance plan will cover preventative care, which includes a cleaning, an exam, and dental x-rays. This also includes fluoride treatments for kids aged 12 or 19 and under (the exact age depends on the insurance company). Many insurance plans will cover this preventative care at 100 percent, but others may only cover it at 60 percent.

Hopefully this list of frequently asked questions gave you a better idea on what to expect for your dental work payment and insurance. If you have any other questions, please stop by to chat or give is a call!