Early, accurate diagnoses inform effective treatment, Cutting-edge tools complement our talented team

We at Summit Dental Group in Boise, Idaho, cannot treat what we cannot see. For this reason, our four talented and experienced dentists have invested in various diagnostic tools.

Advanced dental X-rays can see below the surface, tissues, and areas that are not visible with the human eye alone. Such sophisticated imaging is also safe, convenient, and sustainable. Cutting-edge radiography supports an accurate diagnosis. So, this information is essential for us to effectively and promptly resolve the condition at the root of your symptoms that can threaten the integrity of your teeth and the health of your smile.

Next-generation dental tech is now!

Doctor with Dummy Crow and Patient

Today’s digital X-ray technologies are associated with more explicit images and a more efficient process than traditional film-based radiography. Additionally, these technologies eliminate the waste that is associated with film processing. Digital systems are also associated with an up to 90% reduction in radiation exposure. So, our diagnostics provide peace of mind to the individuals and families we serve throughout Treasure Valley.

Our diagnostic treasure is the Green X™, a four-in-one digital X-ray imaging system produced by the global leader in dental imaging solutions: Vatech. Its capabilities include panoramic imaging. These clear and sharp expansive images allow us to see enhanced details of areas such as the dental roots. Cone Beam CT (Computed Tomography) scanning also renders a large volume of very clear and detailed images in seconds and at various angles. By detecting problems that might go undetected with other symptoms, we can intervene as early as possible to protect the mouth from injury. Conditions such as dental decay and gum disease are progressive; often, by the time symptoms like pain and bleeding are experienced, the damage may be done. Our technology-driven approach supports proactive diagnoses and proactive care. We prefer to protect rather than to restore, knowing that restorative dentistry is generally more invasive, time-consuming, traumatic, and costly than preventative dentistry.

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