Porcelain veneers a terrific investment in your smile and well-being (the ultimate confidence booster!)

At Summit Dental Group, we are pleased to call Boise, Idaho, home! It is our great pleasure to support the health and well-being of our neighbors. And, just as our region is surrounded by natural beauty, our talented dentists and dental team take great pride in bringing out the natural beauty of our valued patients’ smiles. Veneers are one of the “secrets” to dramatic and inspiring smile transformations.

A staple of cosmetic dentistry, veneers are thin shells of dental porcelain. These shells are generally made in a dental lab. Once the lab has made them, one of our four dentists fixes them securely to the front surfaces of teeth that have been slightly reduced in size. By removing a small amount of enamel, no thicker than a fingernail or contact lens, the veneer secured to it is able to fit naturally on top of the tooth. This step further supports the strongest bond between the natural tooth structure and the porcelain.

Porcelain is often the material of choice in cosmetic dentistry circles. It resists stains well, offers natural translucency, and can last a long time as long as patients maintain good oral hygiene at home and regular cleanings by our hygienists. Once the material is bonded to the tooth, cosmetic imperfections are covered. Treatable concerns include:

Doctor with Dummy Crown
  • Very yellow teeth 
  • Stubborn stains 
  • Intrinsic or internal discoloration; for instance, blue-gray stains caused by tetracycline 
  • Chipped teeth 
  • Small fractures or cracks 
  • Minor spacing issues or misalignment 
  • Gap-toothed smiles
  • Poorly shaped teeth 
  • Poorly sized teeth
  • Other surface imperfections or irregularities

The process from start to finish can be completed in just two visits. The first involves preparing the tooth and designing the veneers. The second appointment involves applying and bonding the permanent veneers to the teeth.

Depending on your needs, alternatives to porcelain veneers may include dental bonding. This procedure is referred to as “direct veneers” because the process works in essentially the same way as indirect or porcelain veneers. The difference is that instead of disguising cosmetic flaws with lab-made sheets of dental porcelain, our dentists demonstrate their considerable artistry by applying a pliable composite resin directly to the teeth. They then shape the resin material in such a way as to perfectly cover up chips, stains, and other aesthetic concerns.

Bonding is primarily considered to be a conservative (tooth-preserving), affordable, and fast alternative to porcelain veneers. However, many of our patients in Boise, Idaho, and beyond appreciate dental porcelain’s natural appearance, stain resistance, and durability. With good care and by partnering with our team at Summit Dental Group, they can enjoy their revamped teeth for many years.

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Veneers are thin handcrafted porcelain shields worn on the front of the tooth which improve the appearance of teeth that are chipped, cracked, stained or worn. Veneers are thin as contact lenses, and are an aesthetically pleasing option of closing gaps, lengthening teeth, and providing symmetry to make your smile more natural. Veneers are intended to last for many years without changing color. They are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in dentistry. Ask your dentist if veneers may be right for you.