When teeth can’t be preserved, Options for gentle, precision tooth removal to restore function and health

Summit Dental Group partners with individuals at all life stages to preserve their natural teeth. Our dentists, Drs Mooney, Studebaker, Ritchie and Richardson, believe that tooth loss does not have to be associated with aging. With the usual regular check-ups (exams and professional cleanings), patients can protect their teeth from the leading causes of tooth loss. The need for dental extractions, or teeth removal, is minimized with consistent visits for proactive care and preventative services at our office in Boise, Idaho.

We also offer an array of restorative capabilities and emergency dentistry services. If, for instance, a fall dislocates or otherwise traumatizes your teeth, an extraction may be in order. Some medications are also associated with oral risks, such as dry mouth. Not all teeth that are severely decayed or infected can be saved with restorative dental treatments.

Girl is Looking at Her Paining Tooth

Lastly, some teeth are not necessary for oral health and function; however, they can cause all sorts of oral and overall health problems! We know these teeth as “wisdom teeth.” By the time they attempt to break through the gums, our teenaged or early-20-something mouths do not have sufficient room to accommodate them. In turn, these teeth become “stuck.” They can’t partially or fully emerge through the gums. Our dentists can use their skills, technologies, and experience to remove injured, infected, or impacted teeth. The techniques that are applied to extract such teeth are:

  • “Simple” extractions can be completed with a local numbing anesthetic. It is appropriate for visible teeth. The tooth may be loosened with special instruments. Other tools are used to then grasp and gently lift the tooth from its socket
  • Surgical” extractions — Such “complex” extractions are also performed on numbed teeth for utmost comfort. But the tooth is largely not as accessible or visible in the mouth. For instance, your dentist will make a small opening in the gummy tissue to access a broken or impacted tooth. From there, the tooth is grasped and removed. The specific techniques used depend on the complexity of the procedure and factors such as how the offending tooth is positioned

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