Protect your smile and stay in the game with professional sports mouthguards

Our dentists at Summit Dental Group, Drs Mooney, Studebaker, Ritchie and Richardson, are experts in “oral appliance therapy.” Sports mouthguards are one of these appliances. They protect the appearance and health of athletes’ smiles and are a cost-effective, easy, and long-lasting preventative service available at our office in Boise, Idaho.

Don’t get sidelined

The idea behind all sports guards or mouthguards is much the same; they slip into the mouth and are worn while playing sports and other activities that can lead to blows and injuries to the face, jaws, teeth, and other oral structures. Options largely include:

Sport Guard
  • Off-the-shelf “boil and bite” or stock mouthguards – These products can be bought at the store or online. They can be worn immediately or softened and shaped in warm water to conform to the mouth. Since these products are mass-produced, they are not customized to the specifications of the wearer. They tend to shift around, which can be particularly annoying. Ill-fitting and uncomfortable, they can even interfere with proper respiration. Notably, even when worn as directed, these guards do not provide the level of protection necessary to prevent the teeth, lips, and other soft and hard tissues from traumatic, painful, and costly damage  
  • Custom sports guards – There is no substitute for guards made by professionals like our team at Summit Dental Group. These mouthguards are designed to fit one mouth! Since they are not “universal-fit,” they can be worn comfortably and snugly. Patient compliance with wearing them is high, and a precision fit and durable materials also support the ultimate protection. Additionally, researchers have found that well-designed mouthguards can minimize the risk of concussions by softening some of the force that is generated and sustained from contact with the face

Of course, we provide considerable professional guidance in addition to a custom, quality sports mouthguard. This guidance helps to ensure your oral appliance stays in good working order. We also advise on great care to protect these devices from harboring oral bacteria. Summit Dental Group is here for you and your family and wants to keep the fun in your sports of choice!

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